Thursday, November 20, 2008

StockWatch Pro Review

Stockwatch Pro (SWP), real time analytical stock market software, performs a technical analysis on the stocks that meet the trader’s criteria. It is not very popular so far but when it comes to delivering results there are not much of a competition out there.

Stock Watch Pro™ is a charting and data package designed for both day-traders and long-term investors. SWP includes very useful tools like the Formula Wizard, Custom Alerts Manager, and Screener.

The StockWatch Pro, a stock market software used for analysis and assessment of data for trading purposes, is manufactured and distributed by but apparently, the website is inaccessible since there is a requirement for username and password before you can actually go to the main site.

Based on consumer popularity, this product hasn’t really scored that much yet but its flexibility and accurate delivery of results is by far the best in the industry.

StockWatch Pro allows technical analysis of multiple securities through basic charting and a very powerful and intuitive analytical engine. This engine works behind to enable one to view pre-programmed criteria from actual data-feeds. At present, the StockWatch Pro investing software only works with the QCharts and eSignal for the data feeds but these two are more than efficient enough for the swing or day traders in the market today.

A quick inspection of the StockWatch Pro charting system will lets us conclude that is totally based on the QCharts design but not as impressively smooth. The StockWatch Pro’s user interface is not as clean as the eSignal or QCharts but that’s just a small minus in points. This is about it for the stock market software application’s glitch. SWP is best known for its being an effective and efficient analytical software and it is in that category that this stock software excels the most.

SWP features a real-time screener that is quite unique since it scans the markets for all the more profitable opportunities for the trader, all in real-time. The Formula Wizard allows the trader to specify any criteria and the screener will search for these in the market. It continuously searches and will only display the relevant data based on the criteria provided. This very much displays SWP’s intuitive nature and which makes it very much recommended too.

There is an offer to try out the SWP for free. The user has 14 days to try the stock trading software out and the package also includes free trial of the QCharts or eSIgnal from a link at the site. The demo version is very easy to use. The trader only has to key in his login information for any of the charting site he chose and he can readily use SWP.

User has to have a computer with a lot of memory space since a plethora of live data will need a place to be stashed into. Besides, the stock software application itself will eat up some memory so the machine must be ready to hold it and have it run smoothly. A 2GHz Pentium or Athion is sufficient enough. There should also be an uninterrupted Internet connection, which can allow huge amounts of data through in the fastest time possible since these data are vital to more accurate analysis.


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