Thursday, December 11, 2008

ZeroLine Trader Review

Innovative, reliable and easy to use; that is the how makers and designers of the ZeroLine Trader described their stock market software. This software is described as the front-end for the Interactive Broker’s Trader Workstation. This platform can be used by both the experienced investor and the new one who is just starting in this kind of business. But why is this stock software marketed as innovative, reliable and easy to use?

One important reason is that this will help you do your trades with discipline. This is possible thanks to the function that is available on the software that will let you configure the preferences. You can effectively turn the ‘Enforce Discipline Rules’ and in no time, the software will not send any more orders until you have addressed the stop loss. This stock trading software ensures that you can do your trade with efficiency. And that is made possible thanks to the many features that include the auto stop/target orders, the trailing stop, the ratio/size stop, the break-even or the break even+stop and the automated trading.

Aside from these features, the ZeroLine Trader ensures an easy and a convenient way of doing trades. For example you can initiate a buy or sell with just one click on the mouse. The software also allows you to modify the order by the use of the drag and drop. It is also customizable and can effectively provide you with different trading styles so you can interact well with the market. If the other investing software is too boring and serious, this software allows you more room to customize its looks and feel. You have the ability to customize the colors, the fonts and the table styles used. You can even create and customize the action buttons and the software can also allow you to create and customize your own spread buttons.

This software will also give you the opportunity to simultaneously trade and watch multiple stock markets using just one screen and in just one instance of the application. This stock market software can also accept order instructions from the trader station and then route the order to the interactive broker’s account. The system of automated trading works with the financial advisor.

Another good thing about this stock trading software is that even before you can buy the product, you have the opportunity to test the reliability and the efficiency of the software. That is possible if you download the ZeroLine SimTrader or the ZLST. This simulation software is free and this is fully functional and one of the most realistic trading simulation software that you can find in the market. By playing this simulation software from ZeroLine, you will be familiarized with the many features of the ZeroLine Trader. This can also allow you to tests some trading system and ideas with real time data, without the risk of losing your cash. This stock software is simply one of the more cost-effective stock trading software that is available in the market.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wizetrade Review

Stock trading is considered nowadays as one of the most lucrative business ventures. Aspiring and seasoned traders explore all the possibilities to learn more and understand the different strategies in stock trading. It also requires a realistic view in choosing what stock you will offer to the market and how you can profit if the market system will go up or fall down to ensure success.

The development of the stock trading software made comes into picture as it is easier for profitable traders to engage in the stock trading with the aid of this stock trading software.

The most dominant stock trading software called WizeTrade. It is designed for stock research and for market system analysis. Its proprietor software is a pool of complex market information. With the involvement of its special software, the complex information is simplified. It converts it to indications such as red light, green light and easy to read and follow charts.

The wizetrade is also the most recommended stock trading software for traders that are new in the stock market venture. It provides an orientation trainer that is solely dedicated to assist you with your clarifications and other relevant requirements. Its customer service is excellent as they will be assisting you until that you are confident using the Wizetrade system.

Their trainer will be assisting you step by step until your system is up and running. It is also a one to one orientation to ensure that fully comprehend all the necessary skills about the Wizetrade system.

To express that they really mean business and are serious about it, they offer a free subscription to the Wizetrade TV. Generally it will cost you a subscription fee of $99 per month, a great savings that come along with the Wizetrade. As this is an interactive process, the trades can submit their live-in-the-market trades and then, experts or seasoned traders will then review the data. This is indeed an excellent way of supervision particularly for new trades. It is also a recommendable education to learn in depth the in and outs of the stock trading.

This type of stock trading software is truly a great asset to consider.

Apart from the educational benefits you received from Wizetrade, it offers you also a significant contribution by providing you an access to their on demand video library. This is the online training courses which can be accessed at the convenience of your personal computer. Considering the hectic schedule and life’s personal demand of the traders, this video library can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The video class covers the basic knowledge about stock marketing, terminologies, strategies and more.
If you are indeed serious in investing in stock market, it is critical to decide with the best stock trading software. This will ensure exponential return of your investment while it minimizes your potential risk.

So, don’t take chances is choosing your stock trading software. Choose the reliable software with excellent customer service support. It does matter a lot particular if you are a novice in this field of business.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wealth-Lab Developer Review

The stock market has been highly competitive for traders. It has ups and downs of the prices that cannot be controlled sometimes but the availability of the internet and computers make it more convenient to track the profit conditions. Software such as stock trading software analyzes the flow of the stock market through their basic feature which is known as the chart visualization. It also presents the calculations of the stock market timing with long-term and short-term back and forth move scenario. This software has a built in features that will help you create and develop strategies for your stock market. These trading strategies that can be developed and can be back-testing will be a help for daily traders.

A Wealth-lab Developer, stock trading software that is designed for developing and back-testing your own future strategies in trading. It is a programming system that allows you to test your strategies in trading. The Wealth-lab Developer will help you validate the strategies if it is highly capable for profit. It is an instrument for those who have an interest in technical analysis trading system.

Wealth-Lab Developer has wide variety designs of trading system that can be tested in their Wealth-Lab community. This trading system composes of different style that surely will fit on you, as to your personality. It is important that you choose a style that is compatible to you because every person has its unique personality in formulating strategies. After you have chosen the perfect strategy for you, you can test and run your strategy at the Wealth-Lab Developer. The Wealth-Lab developer will also shows statistically results for the system that you run. The Wealth-Lab Developer allows also trader to look for different charts that can be useful in identifying trading opportunities. It has already drawing tools wherein you can design your own charts.

Wealth-Lab Developer is easy to learn, you can also use their advance features. They had Portfolio stimulation wherein you can develop your own way of managing your money in a more flexible way. Another feature is the system optimization; it is helpful when using parameters. Wealth-lab Developer had also designed an Index-Lab that allows you to track down your yields, allows you also to measure the market performance.

When money takes place in a business, it is very important that we will know what the outcome is. Somehow, we can predict the outcome of our investment by using the advance features of Wealth-Lab Developer which is the Neuro-Lab. It will give you the result of your future profit in the market by taking the history of your stock market.

Thus, the use of the stock market software has greatly helped investors in tracking down the flow of their money in their investment. The Wealth-Lab Developer provides opportunities for the traders to create and test their strategies in money management. Unlimited styles of the strategies are presented in Wealth-Lab Developer and through a thorough selection of strategies and to come up with an ideal strategy of how you will do your market will greatly affect your stock.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

StockWatch Pro Review

Stockwatch Pro (SWP), real time analytical stock market software, performs a technical analysis on the stocks that meet the trader’s criteria. It is not very popular so far but when it comes to delivering results there are not much of a competition out there.

Stock Watch Pro™ is a charting and data package designed for both day-traders and long-term investors. SWP includes very useful tools like the Formula Wizard, Custom Alerts Manager, and Screener.

The StockWatch Pro, a stock market software used for analysis and assessment of data for trading purposes, is manufactured and distributed by but apparently, the website is inaccessible since there is a requirement for username and password before you can actually go to the main site.

Based on consumer popularity, this product hasn’t really scored that much yet but its flexibility and accurate delivery of results is by far the best in the industry.

StockWatch Pro allows technical analysis of multiple securities through basic charting and a very powerful and intuitive analytical engine. This engine works behind to enable one to view pre-programmed criteria from actual data-feeds. At present, the StockWatch Pro investing software only works with the QCharts and eSignal for the data feeds but these two are more than efficient enough for the swing or day traders in the market today.

A quick inspection of the StockWatch Pro charting system will lets us conclude that is totally based on the QCharts design but not as impressively smooth. The StockWatch Pro’s user interface is not as clean as the eSignal or QCharts but that’s just a small minus in points. This is about it for the stock market software application’s glitch. SWP is best known for its being an effective and efficient analytical software and it is in that category that this stock software excels the most.

SWP features a real-time screener that is quite unique since it scans the markets for all the more profitable opportunities for the trader, all in real-time. The Formula Wizard allows the trader to specify any criteria and the screener will search for these in the market. It continuously searches and will only display the relevant data based on the criteria provided. This very much displays SWP’s intuitive nature and which makes it very much recommended too.

There is an offer to try out the SWP for free. The user has 14 days to try the stock trading software out and the package also includes free trial of the QCharts or eSIgnal from a link at the site. The demo version is very easy to use. The trader only has to key in his login information for any of the charting site he chose and he can readily use SWP.

User has to have a computer with a lot of memory space since a plethora of live data will need a place to be stashed into. Besides, the stock software application itself will eat up some memory so the machine must be ready to hold it and have it run smoothly. A 2GHz Pentium or Athion is sufficient enough. There should also be an uninterrupted Internet connection, which can allow huge amounts of data through in the fastest time possible since these data are vital to more accurate analysis.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

QCharts Review

A stock trading software popular to investors and traders is called QCharts. QCharts is the front end for’s streaming chart serviced named Livecharts. The program is not solely focused on charting because it incorporates into its system the recent news, real-time hot lists and trading itself. QCharts has a thirty day free trial wherein you can explore its features and learn the basics of the said program. But it will be comforting to know that if you have used similar programs in the past, you will have no trouble navigating through the program.

QChart’s charting capabilities are great and are considered to be the best in the industry. However, the data feed of Qchart has a significant lag which can be bad especially during times when high trading activities occur. But this fact should not be that big of a problem since Qchart is not the only one suffering from data lag when such activities occur. It is a good thing that there is a user support forum where you can discuss QChart problems with other users and be able to assist each other with your concerns. Solutions to data lag like changing servers which are physically closer to your place or changing to a server that has a faster ping time to your PC are some of the things discussed in the forum.

QCharts will use most of your CPU’s resources if your computer settings are not set to run the program optimally. But if you make use of the support forum, you can find tips and tricks that will solve your CPU concerns by simply changing your pc’s cache settings. But to get the most out of QCharts, users have resorted to buying high end machines capable of running several programs at the same. Keep in mind that when buying a new machine, the random access memory and its processing speed should be big enough to support all sorts of program that you may need when analyzing and trading.

Flexibility is one thing that is given by QCharts to traders since unlimited real time quotes taken from fifteen exchanges are available for searching of opportunities. This is definitely better than other programs because most will only give the trader a limit of 40 securities with a basic package and will charge additional for adding more. Also, QCharts has one of the most in-depth historical databases figuring to over 15 years of end day data and 6 years of intraday data, which will surely satisfy any back testing need of a trader.

The monthly price of QCharts is something that you have to brace yourself for. The program does not come cheap with its basic package amounting to $95 per month. This rate increases according to add-ons like other monitoring tools, expert advisories, back testing, etc. Aside from the basic plan price, you will also be charged monthly for exchange fees, so you can just imagine how these costs will balloon up per month. Yet despite this, getting QCharts for your trading needs will be worth it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

RealTick Review

The stock software is popular to those who are profitable traders and dealing with stock markets. There are different programs that had been developed to make it easier in monitoring the changes of their profits. The industrialized technology developed software where you can customize your own stock software.

The goal of producing this stock software is to ensure the maximization of the potential earnings in stock market while minimizing the potential risk.

The RealTick is a product of the stock software where you can analyze and make serious decisions in your market. It is designed with unique velocity and approach to any kind of trader who will use the RealTick. The RealTick is a software program that can be customized to whatever design and method you want to present. You can also make a number of pages in different windows style to display entire information on your financial approach. Also with RealTick, the files that you created can be resized in the window and you can even set you own parameters of your chart. You can also manipulate the color you want to appear on charts as well the font size.

The RealTick uses TAL Data that lets you track down your present stock, you can also predict the outcome of the future of your stock market through reviewing your past performances. The RealTick speeds up the investment outcome and it also offers an end to end automation. Since RealTick is flexible, it is availed by many users globally. It carries more than twenty different kinds of orders. The progress of the prices is accessed through their smart routing. The RealTick had designed to have logarithms that can be accessed through the use TAL Data.

The stock software developed different styles in trading which the RealTick adapted by requiring different tools to be used. They have wide varieties of tools where you can make your own platforms in trading that can help traders to set some customized strategies and view their market in different styles.

The development of the RealTick and its enhancements attracted many traders to use this stock software because of the built-in MiFID compliance methods that includes Time and Sales data that appears on the exchanges in the European market. There are also new lists of functions and advanced order types. They enhance their system also with greater options for strategy making. Since the RealTick is manageable and customized, it delivers a real-time data in the market, news about the present situation of the stock market. The RealTick is considered as the first to have a real-time data being displayed in the internet and also the first to have a direct access in window-based that give solutions to trading problems.

With numerous inventions mushrooming in the internet market about the stock software, it is essential that as a trader you should be cautious in the kind of stock software that you would like to invest. Know all the weakness and strength of the stock software. You will be able to do this only through thorough research.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ninja Trader Review

Business world are highly competitive and it is regularly being assured that there are always new things to be on market. The use of internet and personal computers make a convenient way for investors to check their stocks. There are many kinds of stock trading software products that can help investors in analyzing, managing and research the stocks. Software that specializes in the investment strategy where it can perform analysis for traders and most especially can help you makes money in a convenient way.

Ninja trader is stock trading software that specializes in placing orders, managing positions and strategies. It is an effective and spontaneous top solution for dynamic traders. The Ninja Trader is design to manage some complexities in dealing trading business that uses own strategies. The Ninja trader also can be a good way to learn trading and discover strong points and weaknesses as a broker. Ninja trader is effective stock trading software with the help of the software’s features.

The Ninja Trader Chart is one of its features where it displays the increase and decrease of the value of your market. It helps the investor to understand the importance of the split second decision making because the chart will give information about how close or far you are on your target. The chart will visualize the orders and the positions to the data of standard market. It has bracket orders that automatically evaluate the income target of the stock market. The chart also has Automated Trade Management features (ATM) allows investors to apply some policies and conditions in the trading system. Some advantages of these features are the automated stop loss and profit submission, it has an automatic trailing stops and it is designed to track down your profits. Another feature is the Automatic Breakeven Stop Loss, designed also that allows trader to set a yield condition that will automatically regulate the stop loss profit to manage prices.

Trading is a business that requires time to be able to understand how the trade business runs. But the technologies had developed software like stock trading software that will ensure that you can manage and track down profits and losses of your market. In stock trading software such as Ninja Trader wherein you can also develop and create a strategy that will help you understand better the trade system.

Remember that this stock trading software is developed and authored by season traders also. What they had learned for years are taught and converted into stock trading software. This helps the novice traders to avoid the pitfalls that they encountered during the early stage of their trading business.

It takes years to become a seasoned stock trader however your experience will not guarantee you also to be a success trader. With the help of stock trading software and the trader’s keenness to learn and analyze data with the help of the advance software features, it is easier to conquer the stock trading venture.

Again it is important to stress the benefits of utilizing the stock trading software such as Ninja Trader as it will increase your chance of becoming a successful trader.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NeoTicker Review

NeoTicker is a stock trading software developed by TickQuest, Inc. which is capable of doing highly technical analysis on any financial instrument by scanning stocks and options in real-time.

The built-in formula is easy to understand and easy to use in quoting, creating indicators, trading, and scanning. Like other stock investing software applications, the NeoTicker is dependent of data feeds. The feeds can come from any of the supported brokerages like eSignal, RealTick. QuoteSpeed, QCharts or IQFeed, DTNIQ, MB Trading, EFX, Interactive Brokers, and FXCM.

To maximize the full potential of the NeoTicker, one needs to subscribe to real-time data service from any of the designated data vendors. Here are the recommended service plans that can suit any needs in particular.

All the recommendations herein have been classified into four categories based in the level of service provided: Complete, Advance, Value, and Broker.

Complete Service Plan has the most comprehensive set of features and the most generous amount of symbol limits. This plan is suitable for all trading needs there are. Advance Service Plan has some features like that of the Complete Service but it comes with reduced number of symbol limit. The Value Service Plan is the most economical alternative with decreased number of features and low symbol limits. The last one is a data service that comes with any brokerage account upon sign up. This one has no additional cost on the user.

One of the best features of the NeoTicker is its outstanding pattern matching. Its artificial intelligence-based engine makes allows the system to specify a pattern and the software will scan for these securities based on the specified criteria. The engine is intuitive and will only need to capture a previous instance so it can set the pattern automatically for all scans and searches.

The best thing about the NeoTicker by far, is its affordability. Its reasonable price for its huge potential and great capabilities truly makes it one stock market software to beat. There is an option for the buyer to lease the package or make an outright purchase. TickQuest helps the traders by providing $50 monthly and $480 annual payment plans. The outright purchase price is set at $1300. Looking further, one can surmise that he can actually earn the software investment cost easily with just one good trade. The data feed needed to run NeoTicker however, entails additional cost.

To run thi stock trading software properly, one is required to have at least 512 MB of RAM but a 1GB will definitely be a big enough room to house the system together with other current applications in the person’s computer. A Pentium 4 or Athion system can be used to sufficiently and effectively run NeoTicker.

Like the other investing software packages, the NeoTicker also has a demo version that a doubtful trader can use to give him free access to data analysis. One should already have a data provider account as well as a brokerage account in order to download the demo version.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MyTrack Review

A number of stock software are available in the market, yet only a select few can lay to the claim of being helpful for the professionals in the financial services sector. But there is this one investing software that managed to make an impact in the financial services sector; and that is the stock market software from Track Data.

Track Data is a company well-known in the financial services sector. The designer and the maker of myTrack is based in New York and this company provides real time financial data and market news and research for institutional and individual investors. The services of Track Data are sent to its clients via telecommunication lines and the internet. The myTrack software is designed with the individual investor in mind. This stock market software is fully integrated and an internet-based online trading and a market data system. This product from Track Data is the software that can be installed on the computer and it can be downloaded from the site, or can be installed using the CD.

The software has two facets; but it doesn’t mean that you can use both. You can either use the market data without setting up the online trading account. Doing trades using this software has a price, but the price you have to pay is well-worth it. This software will allow the user to make a choice of where to route his order. The software can give the investor with a continuous supply of live market data and this is made possible courtesy of the application-based and the constant server connection that works just like the systems that are used by the professionals.

The software used by this product is much better compared to the HTML web-based static pages that are offered by the competitors of the software. This means that myTrack will allow you to have a constant connection to the servers. Contrast this with the web-based platforms that may require you to connect and reconnect every time. This investing software allows you a convenient time online and gives you more time to focus on more important decisions at hand. The data that can be supplied by myTrack may come either as free data or paid data.

The free data that is supplied to the users of myTrack include streaming delayed quotes, company news, the charting for technical analysis and the free data supplied by the software include the proprietary library of intra day statistics for the day. The paid data on the other covers streaming real-time quotes and the Nasdaq Level II. The information coming from this product can be received by the investor in a number of ways. The investor can get the information thru PCs, browser phones and thru PDAs like Palm Organizers and Visors. So what do you get if you get this stock market software? The advantages that can be gained from this stock trading software include constant connection, speed, a professional-style trading platform, and a direct access and an intelligent order routing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MultiCharts Review

One versatile stock trading software is called MultiCharts. Those who have had experience with other programs, MultiCharts will remind you of Tradestation. It is not only a charting package but it also has an Easy Language-type editor which allows more experience users to modify existing studies or even create their own. It also features real time functionality, alerts and has an automated trading ground to make everything easier.

Beginners will not have a hard time understanding how the program works because it has a very intuitive interface which can be described as slick and minimalist. Though the program may appear to be simple, it contains everything that a trader needs to do efficient trading including customizable windows, a drawing menu and a wide array of charting tools. The program also allows several symbols to be displayed in a single window allowing the user to view various combinations of symbol and timeframe simultaneously.

As mentioned, experienced traders are given the hand to modify or add studies to set the trading environment. These studies can include slippage, brokerage costs, and others which are important for accurate back testing. However, this feature is not limited only to the more experienced trader since the program comes with an Easy Language editor which will encourage beginners to make their own because of its ease of use.

MultiCharts is an efficient optimization package which enables fast testing of strategies and has an excellent performance viewer. It also automatically creates 3D charts which makes it easy to visualize performance and optimization. One great thing about MultiCharts is that it is compatible with any type of data format making it more convenient and functional.

The alert system and the automated trading option in the program is a very useful feature especially to those short-term traders who are fond of intraday trading. This feature allows the program to be the main market interface and not simply just to test a trader’s market strategies. This program is really designed for traders of various levels of expertise and more experienced ones are recommended to try it somehow.

The pricing plans for the program are very inexpensive compared to other investing software of the same capability. Exorbitant fees are not charged upfront by the developers of MultiCharts. They even offer a 30 day trial period for those wanting to explore and see if this is indeed the software for them. This trial option can be helpful for beginners so that they will have enough time to learn the ins and outs of the software. For those convinced about the functionality of the software, a one-time for life fee is charged and comes with unlimited use. They also have 3 month plans wherein you can choose to stop or continue your use of the MultiChart software. One thing that sets MultiCharts from other software is this: a trader won’t have to buy CDs and deal with the manuals that come with the software since these are readily downloadable from the web once payment is provided.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MetaStock Pro Review

Trading may look simple but in reality this is a complex work that needs to be fully understood. Plunging into trade without the necessary background or the necessary tools is like waging a war without the weapon. That is why in order to be truly successful in the wild world called trading; the person needs to be equipped with the right tools.

Tools that can be used in the stock market may vary, but one tool that can prove helpful is a stock software like the MetaStock Pro. This stock market software is offered by Equis International; a company that is connected to Thomson Reuters. And Thomson Reuters is known for its services and products that address the needs of the professionals who are involved in the financial services, the media and the corporate markets. This only means that this stock market software can be relied upon by professionals involved in stock market trading. So what can this investing software do for the practitioner?

This software can be consulted by the practitioner every time he needs to make a move in the market. This product has the ability to analyze the stocks, the foreign exchange and the options. This product has the capability as well to effectively scan and sort the securities. Want to test some of the possible strategies that can be used on multiple securities? This stock market software can do that role as well.

The software is designed to perform excellent charting skills and has the capability to analyze many data. So what the trader gets is results and more results. If you are the trader then you can get the charts by the hour, every hour. That’s real time analysis that can help the budding trader in you make informed decisions. This is simply the tool that is needed by the trader who uses intra-day data in order to transact in real-time for the whole trading day.

It doesn’t matter if the trader who will use this is new to the business or an experienced one. That’s because this product ensures that no matter what your experience level maybe, this software gives the right kind of data, information and analysis. The good thing about this stock market software doesn’t end with the analysis that it can provide. MetaStock Pro is flexible and user-friendly as well. The trader can either use the software’s built-in trading system, or the trader can create his own. The choice is on the trader alone.

To get the best out of the MetaStock Pro, it is suggested that the trader should pair this stock market software with the data feed. There are two data feeds that are compatible with the software; the QuoteCenter and the eSignal. For better results, the QuoteCenter can be used as this can help deliver the best price and supply quality data. And if the trader will experience problems with this stock trading software, then he can simply opt for the free and quality software support as delivered by professionals in the field.

So if you are in the market and you want to try your hand in stocks, bonds, mutual bonds or foreign exchange, then make sure that you are ready and armed for action. The use of the MetaStock Pro is one step towards that and you can never go wrong with this stock trading software. Why? That’s because this software is one of the best-selling stock market software and the 16-time recipient of the Stocks and Commodities Reader Choice award.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medved Quotetracker Review

Medved Quotetracker is one stock trading software that you should not take for granted. Despite its inexpensive price, it is a software that is fully packed with features which will aid you to make the right decisions with your trading.

Quotetracker is a charting software that accepts real time data from many sources including brokers and data vendors. When your computer goes offline, most brokers do not give out backfill data, which is why you need to complement feeds from brokers with the ones from data vendors to fill in the gaps. You won’t be paying much for the services of these data vendors since they offer packages less than $20 in cost per month. These feeds from these data vendors including backfills work very well with the Quotetracker.

A distinct advantage of Quotetracker over other charting software is that it has customizable charts. You can find standard technical indicators as well as complicated ones like Twiggs Money Flow and Woodie’s pivot. The software developer Jerry Medved is known to add user-requested indicators to Quotetracker for ease of use. Quotetracker’s charts are also free floating – meaning you can drag them anywhere in the screen so you are able to see everything in its right place. In addition to this, the program is also multi-monitor friendly since it remembers the position of each individual chart so that you can start where you have left off.

Index future traders will be delighted to know that Pivot Points is included in the standard indicator list of the program. Aside from getting the daily pivots, a user can choose to get monthly and week pivot points to determine different support and resistance levels. The software also integrates trading from within. All a trader has to do is to use his broker’s login information to access the interface of the Quotetracker. Order entry and monitoring of transactions has been noted to be faster with the Quotetracker interface.

Compared to other stock trading software, Quotetracker will not use up a lot of your computer’s resources. In fact, it only takes 10 to 20 percent of your CPU’s resources even when running on a 1.8 Ghz AMD Athlon with 20 charts opened in two monitors. Because the software only uses a small part of your computer’s resources, you will be able to run an order entry platform from Interactive Broker and WinTV to monitor Bloomberg or CNBC.

On the overall, Medved Quotetracker is an exceptional charting software which integrates information from data feeds, financial sites, and brokers to provide real-time data analysis, monitoring and other processes important to trade effectively in the fluctuating market today. Functionality and price-wise, the Medved Quotetracker is the one to beat. It may be an added bonus to know that its developer, Jerry Medved, will personally tend to any problem you may face while using the software. What customer service could get better than that? That said, it would be best if you put your judgments aside and see for yourself what a great software the Quotetracker is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Investor/RT Review

Stock market software applications are necessary tools for those who are looking to seriously invest in the stock market for the first time as well as for those who are already in the market for some time now. As there is a lot of stock trading software applications to choose from, one could get fazed with the variety.

One such online tool is the Investor/RT. Manufactured and distributed by, this software package provides advanced charting, real-time stock monitoring, stock portfolio management, and totally reliable trading system that any investor can consider if he wants to be on top of the stock market game.

To start, one can grab a hold of the startup video first which is highly recommended so that he can glance on the more important features of the package. The company’s website have several links that help their customers move their way around to gain more information about Investor/RT.

There is a free demonstration version of the investing software that one can use for as long as he wants to until he feels he’s ready for the actual thing. The demo version:

• Is fully-functional in that the customer can make adjustments on the features fore free
• Generates years of data based on the Dow 30 stocks
• Simulates a demo ticker that produces daily and intraday data (historically and real-time)
• Supports regularly updated charting and analysis on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
• Is easily downloadable at the site
• Features a tutorial to guide the first-time user

The demo will allow the stock investor to play around the features of Investor/RT without making the actual purchase yet. Actual securities other than the Dow 30 will be made available to the user once the demo copy is registered for the full version.

Pricing of Investor/RT

There are three versions of the package which include: Investor/RT, Investor/RT End-of-the-Day, and Investor/RT Market Profile.

For all packages, there are different prices for the standard and professional editions.

Investor/RT Standard - $40
Investor/RT Professional - $60
Investor/RT End-of-Day Standard - $20
Investor/RT End-of-Day Professional - $30
Investor/RT Market Profile Standard - $55
Investor/RT Market Profile Professional - $75

Aside from the basic packages, there are add-ons that can aso be purchased online via the website. These add-ons enhance the software package so that the user can get extra information or extra features. The extras include Trading System Tools, DTN Market Access Historical Service, and License for Same User Additional Computer.

The license will allow the user to use the data service of choice on Windows XP/Vista- or Mac OS X-ran machines. The additional licenses are required for additional computers to be used for accessing the Investor/RT data. offers 12% discount for those who will sign up for prepaid licenses on any of their stock software packages. The manufacturer is constantly upgrading the Investor/RT to continuously update it with the changing stock market conditions. The users are guaranteed to get only the most updated data that is packages with very good customer service with and its Investor/RT.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gr8trade Review

Gr8trade is the proprietary stock market software platform that targets professional short-term traders. This software allows a trader to automate his trading so that he can reach his full potential as an investor.

The trading application is perfect for the day-traders as it displays data from various sources while allowing order submissions and other online exchanges. The software runs on Windows and streamlines real-time data feeds for analysis.

A trader can enjoy some benefits should he opt to use the gr8trade for trading automation.

• Under trading, gr8trade have set alerts, stops, charts, and tickers in place as well as Autotrading functions. It’s capability to scan for data is outstanding since it has the ability to adjust to sudden market surges
• Under reporting, the gr8trade has a very efficient account management capability to monitor profit and loss. A reliable and effective risk management allows one to trade with minimal losses. The InfoCenter to which the gr8trade has access to, provides a data warehouse that is functional and updated.
• Gr8trade’s software architecture is flexible enough to allow changes in market conditions. It is scalable so that trader and adjust freely as needed. Traders are allowed to add new markets, products, and other order types as the need arises. The visual interface is well defined and easy to manipulate.

Autotrading is being encouraged as this allows traders to grow past their barriers. The problem wit manual trading is, the trader often encounters difficulties in self-discipline. Many traders often get too anxious about their profits that sometimes, they grow greedy and forget about risk management totally. For some other manual traders, the great potential for loss hinders them from trading properly, too. These emotional barriers that come with manual trading can be replaced by logical reasoning with the use of a stock trading software application like the gr8trade.

Another limitation for manual trading is how slowly it can move with the fast paced business that is stock trading. Humans had to keep up with the bots making orders, but how, when these bots are amazingly and extremely faster than the human brain.

Humans can only manage to accurately handle one or two stock trading events a time while an automated trader can do multiple in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

Autotrading is devoid of emotions, which can affect trading. A manual trader can easily be affected by several issues in his life and may not think straight when it comes to trading decisions.

Automating can be a big help to traders since every trading is based on the rules or parameters set in place. Offloading some trading activities to a computer can leave a trader with less mental work to handle. He will then trade more wisely with the use of the trading tools.

In stock trading, 75 percent of one’s capital can cash in on 15 percent at a time. When the 15 percent opportunities knock, a manual trader cannot possible process all the opportunities fast enough. It will be more helpful to have a stock trading software that can handle trades 1000 times one’s manual capacity. That will surely cover a lot of grounds for possible gains.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ensign Windows Review

Ensign Windows is a stock software used by various levels of stock and commodity traders. The program includes free data feeds from, eSignal, DTN and Interactive brokers. The data from these vendors come in real-time and the charts created by the program are refreshed accordingly.

Ensign Windows has been around since 1981 and with its longevity comes the trust its users give to the reliability of the program. The charting solutions provided by Ensign Windows are not just simple ones that are perfect for beginners but it also comes with more advanced charting solutions important to more experienced traders. The right combination between data feeds and the program will give you your money’s worth as to its price and extreme functionality.

What makes Ensign Windows so popular is its wide range of features. The whole Ensign Windows package features more than 40 indicators and 20 drawing tools, among others. A trader is also given the freedom to customize his choices for a more satisfying trading experience. Just like other stock trading software, Ensign Windows has built-in alerts which a trader can set to inform them when their predetermined level is reached. The program also has a deep history for back testing.

Users of the program brought to attention some of its widely used features that are helpful for the trade, including Aroon Indicator, Automatic Trend Lines and Channels, Accumulation Distribution and the Three-Point Break. Other features which set it apart from other trading software include the Heiken-Ashi Metod, Inverse Fisher Transform, Donchian Channel, High Low Stop, and the Ensign Map Forecast. The indicators found in the program include Price Histogram, Relative Strength Index, and Volume Index, Rate of Change, Simple, Exponential and many more.

Several time frames like Tick, Custom Minute, Custom Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly, are supported by Ensign Windows. A latest addition to its feature is the inclusion of a free forex feed from FXCM which has real time quotes on 56 currencies. Aside from this, it also has an avenue to get the latest news and to do a study based on another study. However, users have been reporting that the refresh of the program is not at all that great because it takes time for it to do so. But you don’t have to worry about this since the program’s developers are continuing their efforts to upgrade and improve the program.

It will also not use much of your computer’s resources and would only require 256MB of RAM for it to run at its optimum. Problems with the software are also easily resolved because there is a separate chat and discussion room which allows users to share their concerns and help each other.

Because of the overall functionality of Ensign Windows, it is not a question why it has earned the eye of many independent traders. It has also earned the top rating from its users because with it perfection is not only a stone’s throw away but a reality. It also gives the trader the best value for his money since the entire package only costs $39.95 per month.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DTN Review

An investor who wants to make a splash in the competitive world of stock investing needs to understand the value of information. With information comes better judgment; and with better judgment comes greater profits. So it’s imperative that the financial services practitioner like you should take market data and information seriously. Here is one solution that can prove effective in making important day to day judgments- the DTN IQ Feed & DTN.IQ.

This is a real-time and a streaming quote and a provider of market news that are sourced directly from exchanges. So what does this mean to the average market player like you? This only means that you get the market information straight from the source and it’s fresh; just the right kind of information that you need in order for you to get the advantage over your peers. This stock trading software will give the practitioner the ability to watch and observe how the market moves and behaves in real time. With the roles that can be played by this stock market software, you can act and make decisions just like a professional investor.

So what can be gained from this software that other software cannot deliver? For starters, this investing software will give you a glimpse of the stock and option quotes both in real time or it can be delayed. The information is sourced directly from Nasdaq, NYSE or from other exchanges. When it comes to futures, futures options and futures spread quotes this software is reliable as well. You can either check its real time quotes or delayed quotes sourced from CBOT, CME and NYMEX and a number of exchanges. Need to get European quotes? Then there is nothing to worry since that can be arranged. Real time or delayed quotes are sourced from Eurex and Euronext exchanges.

You will also be provided with a customized watch list; unlimited number of watch list that is updated in real time. This is customizable as well for spreadsheet-like functionality and the DDE linking capabilities. Charting is important when making decisions and the designers of this software made sure that this concern is addressed. With the use of this stock software, you can easily identify trading trends thru the use of the graphical display of tick, interval and the historical data. Other than these major benefits, expect as well that the software will carry time and sales, the tickers, ExpertFolio and the scrolling news. Scrolling news is an important add-on since you will have access to the latest news in the market. News are covered 24/7 and delivered straight to you from the source.

This investing software is a smart buy since the makers of the software will allow you to test the software first, before you can even decide to buy it. You will be given a free copy that you can test-drive for seven days. This kind of offer will ensure that you will not be left holding the empty bag. If the capabilities of the software failed to meet your set criteria, then you can always cancel the purchase.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CQG/NET Review

When choosing products, accuracy and the reliability of the product should be at the top of the criteria. And this mantra applies also in the proper selection of stock market software that you can use in the market. A quality-made and designed investing software should provide you with the necessary tools and at the same time provide you with new ones as well that can help diversify your current trading tool.

When the accuracy and the reliability of the product has been checked and rechecked, then it is imperative that you should check out as well the customer support that you can get from the provider. The software will not last for a long time without problems or glitches. There will come a time when you need help, and you can get it from the stock trading software backed by strong customer support.

The CQG/NET is one company that takes accuracy and reliability to heart and at the same time takes customer support seriously. CQG calls itself as the leader in providing analytics software and trading solutions. And the company adds that its market data delivery and the order routings services are the industry’s fastest, most reliable and best priced. All these things that the company says are backed by data of course. The stock software from CQG will allow you to follow the markets and will let you understand how the markets behave in real time. This is made possible thanks to the CQG’s collection of real-time quotation and charting, news and technical analysis tools. All these information are delivered straight to you via an internet connection, the PC and the CQG/Net service and also the internet version of the software for Windows.

The data that can be provided by the software, both in real time or delayed are sourced direct from all US and non-US stock exchanges. And you don’t have to worry about some false data that may find their way towards your end since the software has the capability to correct real-time data automatically. The option analysis is also included in the basic package of this investing software. From time to time the company also presents enhancements that can make the software more efficient and effective on the trading floor. The latest company enhancements include the CQG TradeFlow charts and studies and the Order Ticker. The CQG News and the Data Factory are newly redesigned.

But why settle for this stock trading software? If you value accuracy and reliability, then rely on the software. When it comes to customer support, CQG ranks high up there as well. Based on the survey that was conducted by the Kimsey Consulting on June 2007, it was found out that CQG was first in terms of after sales support and in invoicing and billing. Relying on this software will ensure that you can get the latest data and at the same time you can get support services every time you need help. Simply put, this software provides you with the platform to make successful trades every time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Button Trader Review

ButtonTrader is considered as one of the most powerful stock investing software applications currently available to stock investors. It serves as a trading platform for traders and investors who are customers of the Interactive Brokers – the global electronic brokerage firm for professional traders, financial experts, stock brokers, and companies that need affordable execution of stocks, forex, and bonds.

There are many immediate advantages for using the Button Trader as a stock marketing software tool for the keen investor.

1. Reliability in quick trade executions

The ButtonTrader features the TradeSentinel, the tool that allows the ButtonTrader to make an automatic monitoring of the order status, confirmation, and Profit and Loss management. Quick trading is a breeze even with a non-seasoned investor because of the very versatile visual interface that readily displays real-time market action. Users can set their trade strategy and quantity to trade with single clicks of the mouse. One of the extra interface features that add some punch is the warning the software sets off when connection gets interrupted.

2. Automated Trading Strategies are aligned with trader’s style

The ButtonTrader stock software incorporates its very unique 5P strategies so that they align with the trader as they both partner into establishing an edge in stock market investing. The ButtonTrader StrategyEditor is flexible and powerful enough to properly manage trading with maximized profits and minimal losses. The ButtonTrader is versatile too, in that it can manage one or several positions at the same time with the same quick pace, and reliability in order submissions.

3. Minimizes risks through capital preservation

Any kind of investment requires one to consciously watch out for his capital with hawk eyes. A trading is successful if the investor has protected his capital throughout his transactions. The ButtonTrader has a stable risk management feature in place so that the trader can also learn to discipline himself. The risk manager allows the trader to set his single trade and daily loss limits. These limits are automatically enforced during the trading so that the trader is provided with a ceiling or a cap that will tell him when to stop.

4. Enhances the innate trading skills of the investor

Not all traders have the innate capabilities in trading. They say some have it already programmed in their genes, so what about those who weren’t born to trade but are keen in investing anyway? The ButtonTrader also helps hone the traders’ skills by exposing him to real time quotes and real data. The ButtonTrader promotes discipline in such a way that it challenges the trader to win consistently but within the parameters of his set limits. If the trader can prevail during the online simulations, he will be able to do so during any actual trading.

5. Allows multiple trading account management

Traders sometimes, manage several accounts at the same time. The ButtonTrader is well equipped to cover this trait. There is a provision for unique user interface to trade several securities in multiple accounts. The ButtonTrader can provide the trader with ease of control of the various positions, the profit and loss statements, the budget, and the risks for every single account. In fact, the Button Trader investing software has gone further in its sophisticated feature of allowing multiple accounts management with one mouse click.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sierra Chart Review

Sierra Chart is a stock trading software that should not be taken for granted because it is one of the best around today. It offers real time and historical charting of the highest quality and creates the most accurate technical analysis needed to survive in the fluctuating financial market.

The software comes with a variety of features and tools which aids traders, beginners or otherwise, to effectively carry on with their business. The program receives real time data feeds from data vendors which are then processed real time by storing intraday charts for a particular symbol once the information is received. Currently, the software supports advanced trading wherein a trader can trade directly from the chart through the use of its ChartDOM. The ChartDOM of the program provides a real-time market display and order entry on the opened charts.

Sierra Chart is undeniably a favorite among stock traders because of its ease of use and functionality. The program has a large set of indicators and drawing tools. It even allows the trader to customize these tools and create his own study of the market. Sierra Chart is compatible with different systems like Excel spreadsheets which has a functionality of other 150 built-in functions and has an Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language which aids the trader to make his own indicator. But for those who have no time to make one, there are many pre-set indicators made by other traders that can be used since these are included in the package.

With Sierra Chart, a trader is given the opportunity to create and customize intraday price charts and historical ones for any type of market, whether it be stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities or indexes. Since Sierra Chart is a charting software, it does its job of helping the trader create his own chart with a breeze. The trader can even customize his bar period to daily, weekly, monthly or to any number of days he may desire. The charts are likewise updated when trading occurs and changes according to the data feed at that given moment.

As with any other type of stock trading software, Sierra Chart has provided for its users the functionality of alerts. Through its effective alert system, a trader can continuously monitor the changes in his charts. Offline analysis can also be done with Sierra Chart. And whether or not the system is connected to the data source, charts and quotes can still be seen by the trader. If the user is disconnected from the server, Sierra Chart has provisions for the program to reconnect automatically to the main server.

Apart from all these functions, Sierra Chart is popular with traders because of its affordable price. It is also very flexible, easy to use and efficient when doing a critical trading analysis. On the overall, Sierra Chart is one stock trading software to try because once you get the hang of it, not only will you have an excellent software but will also save dollars in acquiring one.

AmiBroker Review

The fast and growing stock market business had produced a wide variety of means and ways in dealing with easier ways to monitor the profits. The technology had developed different software that can help profitable traders in their market. The demands of stock trading software are very effective nowadays for traders as the stock trading software can track their gain or losses. They can also control and manage the order submission by the use of stock market software. The stock trading software also helps the trader to create new strategies that will be applicable to the market.

The stock market software introduced the AmiBroker which is uniquely different from other stock market software products. The AmiBroker developed a complete practical way of analyzing the stock market program. It allows you to learn and calculate the result of the outcome of the market. It sets powerful features that will help in importing data.

The basic among the stock trading software that visualizes the result is the Charting. Through the powerful charting of AmiBroker, you can check and view the changes of your stocks in the market. It can be daily or weekly and by month. The charts are designed through line, bars styles that gives the moving averages. It has a built in well-known indicators such as the CCI, NVI, ROC, RCI, Accumulation or Distribution and many more. The charts are easy to manipulate through studying the drawing tools that include different trend lines, text boxes and time zones.

The AmiBroker is known worldwide because of its effectiveness. Countries like Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Southern Africa and other parts of the world have been utilizing this particular stock trading software. This is why the AmiBroker is competent in managing any data exchange that stretches to different continents around the world. The Multiple data feeds, as one of their features, allows the user to read the style and at the same time can be configured. It has a built-in Meta stock database importer that reads automatically all the stocks from your market stock. AmiBroker is convenient when you used it that is why it is commonly used by the most important world exchanges. These include the Australian Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Warsaw Stock exchange. The AniBroker provides Stock and quotes Database that shares unlimited collection of stock and quotes. It becomes storage of quotes, information about the company, the financial results and other information. The stock and quotes database maintains automatically the database. It helps you to control the files from the outside programs that are written Java Script.

Like any other stock market software, the AmiBroker is good for those daily traders because of the advanced features that they developed such as the floating charts and the symbol with interval linking, indicators wherein you ca create through drag and drop features that will show your gains and losses in the market. These features make the profitable traders avail and use the AmiBroker software.

It is important to invest with the right stock trading software to ensure you optimize your investment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What To Look For In Stock Trading Software

You may have come across an article that reviews different software on online stock trading, or the occasional “what to look for in stock trading software” review. You may have read up on a lot of articles pertaining to online trading, stock markets, speculative trading, etc. All these accumulated readings pale greatly in comparison to a hands-on experience, especially if you are serious about making profits of this kind of business.

This is the reason why you need to know precisely what to look for when it comes to stock market software.

3 Things To Consider

Obviously, online companies offering the said software have various packages that may include add-on programs, additional information and whatnots. Although a very hefty software package that includes every professional tool imaginable would be very much appreciated, this would also command a very steep price. If you are on a rather tight budget, there are certain things to look out for when buying stock trading software.

One: an information laced online manual or e-book (.pdf file containing information can also be counted.) Naturally enough, as a first time software user, the manufacturers cannot assume that you would know how to run the programs efficiently right off the bat. Aside from that though, this online manual or e-book should give you more information on the standard language used in the stock market. It is good if the said information source keeps boasting about secrets revealed to stock trading; but it would be better if it also gives you a concrete background on the basics.

Two: in regards to the actual software, an online tutorial program is a definite must. This is actually a great way to have that hands-on experience when it comes to stock trading. Also, a tutorial program can literally take you on a step-by-step journey into the world of financial markets. Usually, such tutorial programs would also provide you a free arena to actually perform trading minus the monetary risks. In other words, your baby steps would include trading without the use first of actual money. All other trading software programs should come secondary to this.

Three: another set of programs that should be included are analyses programs. Sadly, not every company offering online trading software includes analyses programs. The trend seems to shift now to software that dictates which markets you should look into, how much money you are to dole out and when to invest it. This may be great if you are really after the quick buck and that you do not want to particularly think for yourself. Besides, if all hell breaks loose, you can always blame the software, right?

The thing with analysis programs, especially technical and financial analyses, is that these are algorithm-based calculations specifically designed to take the data from past market transactions and plot out in chart form its predictions for market movement. It can give you a two-dimensional look at what kind of trading you are actually dealing with. However, a program (or any program for that matter) should not make the decisions for you. If you want to engage in a riskier trade (like speculative trading in FOREX, for example,) your software should help you calculate your risks, without hampering your choices.

Obviously, the computer mind is exacting; and you could always play it safe (algorithm-wise.) But often, the human intuition for betting on riskier moves can yield spectacular gains. Conservative measures or risk trading, whatever your choice may be, you would always find software with analysis programs to be crucial in decision making.