Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Button Trader Review

ButtonTrader is considered as one of the most powerful stock investing software applications currently available to stock investors. It serves as a trading platform for traders and investors who are customers of the Interactive Brokers – the global electronic brokerage firm for professional traders, financial experts, stock brokers, and companies that need affordable execution of stocks, forex, and bonds.

There are many immediate advantages for using the Button Trader as a stock marketing software tool for the keen investor.

1. Reliability in quick trade executions

The ButtonTrader features the TradeSentinel, the tool that allows the ButtonTrader to make an automatic monitoring of the order status, confirmation, and Profit and Loss management. Quick trading is a breeze even with a non-seasoned investor because of the very versatile visual interface that readily displays real-time market action. Users can set their trade strategy and quantity to trade with single clicks of the mouse. One of the extra interface features that add some punch is the warning the software sets off when connection gets interrupted.

2. Automated Trading Strategies are aligned with trader’s style

The ButtonTrader stock software incorporates its very unique 5P strategies so that they align with the trader as they both partner into establishing an edge in stock market investing. The ButtonTrader StrategyEditor is flexible and powerful enough to properly manage trading with maximized profits and minimal losses. The ButtonTrader is versatile too, in that it can manage one or several positions at the same time with the same quick pace, and reliability in order submissions.

3. Minimizes risks through capital preservation

Any kind of investment requires one to consciously watch out for his capital with hawk eyes. A trading is successful if the investor has protected his capital throughout his transactions. The ButtonTrader has a stable risk management feature in place so that the trader can also learn to discipline himself. The risk manager allows the trader to set his single trade and daily loss limits. These limits are automatically enforced during the trading so that the trader is provided with a ceiling or a cap that will tell him when to stop.

4. Enhances the innate trading skills of the investor

Not all traders have the innate capabilities in trading. They say some have it already programmed in their genes, so what about those who weren’t born to trade but are keen in investing anyway? The ButtonTrader also helps hone the traders’ skills by exposing him to real time quotes and real data. The ButtonTrader promotes discipline in such a way that it challenges the trader to win consistently but within the parameters of his set limits. If the trader can prevail during the online simulations, he will be able to do so during any actual trading.

5. Allows multiple trading account management

Traders sometimes, manage several accounts at the same time. The ButtonTrader is well equipped to cover this trait. There is a provision for unique user interface to trade several securities in multiple accounts. The ButtonTrader can provide the trader with ease of control of the various positions, the profit and loss statements, the budget, and the risks for every single account. In fact, the Button Trader investing software has gone further in its sophisticated feature of allowing multiple accounts management with one mouse click.

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