Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sierra Chart Review

Sierra Chart is a stock trading software that should not be taken for granted because it is one of the best around today. It offers real time and historical charting of the highest quality and creates the most accurate technical analysis needed to survive in the fluctuating financial market.

The software comes with a variety of features and tools which aids traders, beginners or otherwise, to effectively carry on with their business. The program receives real time data feeds from data vendors which are then processed real time by storing intraday charts for a particular symbol once the information is received. Currently, the software supports advanced trading wherein a trader can trade directly from the chart through the use of its ChartDOM. The ChartDOM of the program provides a real-time market display and order entry on the opened charts.

Sierra Chart is undeniably a favorite among stock traders because of its ease of use and functionality. The program has a large set of indicators and drawing tools. It even allows the trader to customize these tools and create his own study of the market. Sierra Chart is compatible with different systems like Excel spreadsheets which has a functionality of other 150 built-in functions and has an Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language which aids the trader to make his own indicator. But for those who have no time to make one, there are many pre-set indicators made by other traders that can be used since these are included in the package.

With Sierra Chart, a trader is given the opportunity to create and customize intraday price charts and historical ones for any type of market, whether it be stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities or indexes. Since Sierra Chart is a charting software, it does its job of helping the trader create his own chart with a breeze. The trader can even customize his bar period to daily, weekly, monthly or to any number of days he may desire. The charts are likewise updated when trading occurs and changes according to the data feed at that given moment.

As with any other type of stock trading software, Sierra Chart has provided for its users the functionality of alerts. Through its effective alert system, a trader can continuously monitor the changes in his charts. Offline analysis can also be done with Sierra Chart. And whether or not the system is connected to the data source, charts and quotes can still be seen by the trader. If the user is disconnected from the server, Sierra Chart has provisions for the program to reconnect automatically to the main server.

Apart from all these functions, Sierra Chart is popular with traders because of its affordable price. It is also very flexible, easy to use and efficient when doing a critical trading analysis. On the overall, Sierra Chart is one stock trading software to try because once you get the hang of it, not only will you have an excellent software but will also save dollars in acquiring one.

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