Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medved Quotetracker Review

Medved Quotetracker is one stock trading software that you should not take for granted. Despite its inexpensive price, it is a software that is fully packed with features which will aid you to make the right decisions with your trading.

Quotetracker is a charting software that accepts real time data from many sources including brokers and data vendors. When your computer goes offline, most brokers do not give out backfill data, which is why you need to complement feeds from brokers with the ones from data vendors to fill in the gaps. You won’t be paying much for the services of these data vendors since they offer packages less than $20 in cost per month. These feeds from these data vendors including backfills work very well with the Quotetracker.

A distinct advantage of Quotetracker over other charting software is that it has customizable charts. You can find standard technical indicators as well as complicated ones like Twiggs Money Flow and Woodie’s pivot. The software developer Jerry Medved is known to add user-requested indicators to Quotetracker for ease of use. Quotetracker’s charts are also free floating – meaning you can drag them anywhere in the screen so you are able to see everything in its right place. In addition to this, the program is also multi-monitor friendly since it remembers the position of each individual chart so that you can start where you have left off.

Index future traders will be delighted to know that Pivot Points is included in the standard indicator list of the program. Aside from getting the daily pivots, a user can choose to get monthly and week pivot points to determine different support and resistance levels. The software also integrates trading from within. All a trader has to do is to use his broker’s login information to access the interface of the Quotetracker. Order entry and monitoring of transactions has been noted to be faster with the Quotetracker interface.

Compared to other stock trading software, Quotetracker will not use up a lot of your computer’s resources. In fact, it only takes 10 to 20 percent of your CPU’s resources even when running on a 1.8 Ghz AMD Athlon with 20 charts opened in two monitors. Because the software only uses a small part of your computer’s resources, you will be able to run an order entry platform from Interactive Broker and WinTV to monitor Bloomberg or CNBC.

On the overall, Medved Quotetracker is an exceptional charting software which integrates information from data feeds, financial sites, and brokers to provide real-time data analysis, monitoring and other processes important to trade effectively in the fluctuating market today. Functionality and price-wise, the Medved Quotetracker is the one to beat. It may be an added bonus to know that its developer, Jerry Medved, will personally tend to any problem you may face while using the software. What customer service could get better than that? That said, it would be best if you put your judgments aside and see for yourself what a great software the Quotetracker is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Investor/RT Review

Stock market software applications are necessary tools for those who are looking to seriously invest in the stock market for the first time as well as for those who are already in the market for some time now. As there is a lot of stock trading software applications to choose from, one could get fazed with the variety.

One such online tool is the Investor/RT. Manufactured and distributed by, this software package provides advanced charting, real-time stock monitoring, stock portfolio management, and totally reliable trading system that any investor can consider if he wants to be on top of the stock market game.

To start, one can grab a hold of the startup video first which is highly recommended so that he can glance on the more important features of the package. The company’s website have several links that help their customers move their way around to gain more information about Investor/RT.

There is a free demonstration version of the investing software that one can use for as long as he wants to until he feels he’s ready for the actual thing. The demo version:

• Is fully-functional in that the customer can make adjustments on the features fore free
• Generates years of data based on the Dow 30 stocks
• Simulates a demo ticker that produces daily and intraday data (historically and real-time)
• Supports regularly updated charting and analysis on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
• Is easily downloadable at the site
• Features a tutorial to guide the first-time user

The demo will allow the stock investor to play around the features of Investor/RT without making the actual purchase yet. Actual securities other than the Dow 30 will be made available to the user once the demo copy is registered for the full version.

Pricing of Investor/RT

There are three versions of the package which include: Investor/RT, Investor/RT End-of-the-Day, and Investor/RT Market Profile.

For all packages, there are different prices for the standard and professional editions.

Investor/RT Standard - $40
Investor/RT Professional - $60
Investor/RT End-of-Day Standard - $20
Investor/RT End-of-Day Professional - $30
Investor/RT Market Profile Standard - $55
Investor/RT Market Profile Professional - $75

Aside from the basic packages, there are add-ons that can aso be purchased online via the website. These add-ons enhance the software package so that the user can get extra information or extra features. The extras include Trading System Tools, DTN Market Access Historical Service, and License for Same User Additional Computer.

The license will allow the user to use the data service of choice on Windows XP/Vista- or Mac OS X-ran machines. The additional licenses are required for additional computers to be used for accessing the Investor/RT data. offers 12% discount for those who will sign up for prepaid licenses on any of their stock software packages. The manufacturer is constantly upgrading the Investor/RT to continuously update it with the changing stock market conditions. The users are guaranteed to get only the most updated data that is packages with very good customer service with and its Investor/RT.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gr8trade Review

Gr8trade is the proprietary stock market software platform that targets professional short-term traders. This software allows a trader to automate his trading so that he can reach his full potential as an investor.

The trading application is perfect for the day-traders as it displays data from various sources while allowing order submissions and other online exchanges. The software runs on Windows and streamlines real-time data feeds for analysis.

A trader can enjoy some benefits should he opt to use the gr8trade for trading automation.

• Under trading, gr8trade have set alerts, stops, charts, and tickers in place as well as Autotrading functions. It’s capability to scan for data is outstanding since it has the ability to adjust to sudden market surges
• Under reporting, the gr8trade has a very efficient account management capability to monitor profit and loss. A reliable and effective risk management allows one to trade with minimal losses. The InfoCenter to which the gr8trade has access to, provides a data warehouse that is functional and updated.
• Gr8trade’s software architecture is flexible enough to allow changes in market conditions. It is scalable so that trader and adjust freely as needed. Traders are allowed to add new markets, products, and other order types as the need arises. The visual interface is well defined and easy to manipulate.

Autotrading is being encouraged as this allows traders to grow past their barriers. The problem wit manual trading is, the trader often encounters difficulties in self-discipline. Many traders often get too anxious about their profits that sometimes, they grow greedy and forget about risk management totally. For some other manual traders, the great potential for loss hinders them from trading properly, too. These emotional barriers that come with manual trading can be replaced by logical reasoning with the use of a stock trading software application like the gr8trade.

Another limitation for manual trading is how slowly it can move with the fast paced business that is stock trading. Humans had to keep up with the bots making orders, but how, when these bots are amazingly and extremely faster than the human brain.

Humans can only manage to accurately handle one or two stock trading events a time while an automated trader can do multiple in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

Autotrading is devoid of emotions, which can affect trading. A manual trader can easily be affected by several issues in his life and may not think straight when it comes to trading decisions.

Automating can be a big help to traders since every trading is based on the rules or parameters set in place. Offloading some trading activities to a computer can leave a trader with less mental work to handle. He will then trade more wisely with the use of the trading tools.

In stock trading, 75 percent of one’s capital can cash in on 15 percent at a time. When the 15 percent opportunities knock, a manual trader cannot possible process all the opportunities fast enough. It will be more helpful to have a stock trading software that can handle trades 1000 times one’s manual capacity. That will surely cover a lot of grounds for possible gains.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ensign Windows Review

Ensign Windows is a stock software used by various levels of stock and commodity traders. The program includes free data feeds from, eSignal, DTN and Interactive brokers. The data from these vendors come in real-time and the charts created by the program are refreshed accordingly.

Ensign Windows has been around since 1981 and with its longevity comes the trust its users give to the reliability of the program. The charting solutions provided by Ensign Windows are not just simple ones that are perfect for beginners but it also comes with more advanced charting solutions important to more experienced traders. The right combination between data feeds and the program will give you your money’s worth as to its price and extreme functionality.

What makes Ensign Windows so popular is its wide range of features. The whole Ensign Windows package features more than 40 indicators and 20 drawing tools, among others. A trader is also given the freedom to customize his choices for a more satisfying trading experience. Just like other stock trading software, Ensign Windows has built-in alerts which a trader can set to inform them when their predetermined level is reached. The program also has a deep history for back testing.

Users of the program brought to attention some of its widely used features that are helpful for the trade, including Aroon Indicator, Automatic Trend Lines and Channels, Accumulation Distribution and the Three-Point Break. Other features which set it apart from other trading software include the Heiken-Ashi Metod, Inverse Fisher Transform, Donchian Channel, High Low Stop, and the Ensign Map Forecast. The indicators found in the program include Price Histogram, Relative Strength Index, and Volume Index, Rate of Change, Simple, Exponential and many more.

Several time frames like Tick, Custom Minute, Custom Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly, are supported by Ensign Windows. A latest addition to its feature is the inclusion of a free forex feed from FXCM which has real time quotes on 56 currencies. Aside from this, it also has an avenue to get the latest news and to do a study based on another study. However, users have been reporting that the refresh of the program is not at all that great because it takes time for it to do so. But you don’t have to worry about this since the program’s developers are continuing their efforts to upgrade and improve the program.

It will also not use much of your computer’s resources and would only require 256MB of RAM for it to run at its optimum. Problems with the software are also easily resolved because there is a separate chat and discussion room which allows users to share their concerns and help each other.

Because of the overall functionality of Ensign Windows, it is not a question why it has earned the eye of many independent traders. It has also earned the top rating from its users because with it perfection is not only a stone’s throw away but a reality. It also gives the trader the best value for his money since the entire package only costs $39.95 per month.