Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Investor/RT Review

Stock market software applications are necessary tools for those who are looking to seriously invest in the stock market for the first time as well as for those who are already in the market for some time now. As there is a lot of stock trading software applications to choose from, one could get fazed with the variety.

One such online tool is the Investor/RT. Manufactured and distributed by, this software package provides advanced charting, real-time stock monitoring, stock portfolio management, and totally reliable trading system that any investor can consider if he wants to be on top of the stock market game.

To start, one can grab a hold of the startup video first which is highly recommended so that he can glance on the more important features of the package. The company’s website have several links that help their customers move their way around to gain more information about Investor/RT.

There is a free demonstration version of the investing software that one can use for as long as he wants to until he feels he’s ready for the actual thing. The demo version:

• Is fully-functional in that the customer can make adjustments on the features fore free
• Generates years of data based on the Dow 30 stocks
• Simulates a demo ticker that produces daily and intraday data (historically and real-time)
• Supports regularly updated charting and analysis on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
• Is easily downloadable at the site
• Features a tutorial to guide the first-time user

The demo will allow the stock investor to play around the features of Investor/RT without making the actual purchase yet. Actual securities other than the Dow 30 will be made available to the user once the demo copy is registered for the full version.

Pricing of Investor/RT

There are three versions of the package which include: Investor/RT, Investor/RT End-of-the-Day, and Investor/RT Market Profile.

For all packages, there are different prices for the standard and professional editions.

Investor/RT Standard - $40
Investor/RT Professional - $60
Investor/RT End-of-Day Standard - $20
Investor/RT End-of-Day Professional - $30
Investor/RT Market Profile Standard - $55
Investor/RT Market Profile Professional - $75

Aside from the basic packages, there are add-ons that can aso be purchased online via the website. These add-ons enhance the software package so that the user can get extra information or extra features. The extras include Trading System Tools, DTN Market Access Historical Service, and License for Same User Additional Computer.

The license will allow the user to use the data service of choice on Windows XP/Vista- or Mac OS X-ran machines. The additional licenses are required for additional computers to be used for accessing the Investor/RT data. offers 12% discount for those who will sign up for prepaid licenses on any of their stock software packages. The manufacturer is constantly upgrading the Investor/RT to continuously update it with the changing stock market conditions. The users are guaranteed to get only the most updated data that is packages with very good customer service with and its Investor/RT.

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