Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gr8trade Review

Gr8trade is the proprietary stock market software platform that targets professional short-term traders. This software allows a trader to automate his trading so that he can reach his full potential as an investor.

The trading application is perfect for the day-traders as it displays data from various sources while allowing order submissions and other online exchanges. The software runs on Windows and streamlines real-time data feeds for analysis.

A trader can enjoy some benefits should he opt to use the gr8trade for trading automation.

• Under trading, gr8trade have set alerts, stops, charts, and tickers in place as well as Autotrading functions. It’s capability to scan for data is outstanding since it has the ability to adjust to sudden market surges
• Under reporting, the gr8trade has a very efficient account management capability to monitor profit and loss. A reliable and effective risk management allows one to trade with minimal losses. The InfoCenter to which the gr8trade has access to, provides a data warehouse that is functional and updated.
• Gr8trade’s software architecture is flexible enough to allow changes in market conditions. It is scalable so that trader and adjust freely as needed. Traders are allowed to add new markets, products, and other order types as the need arises. The visual interface is well defined and easy to manipulate.

Autotrading is being encouraged as this allows traders to grow past their barriers. The problem wit manual trading is, the trader often encounters difficulties in self-discipline. Many traders often get too anxious about their profits that sometimes, they grow greedy and forget about risk management totally. For some other manual traders, the great potential for loss hinders them from trading properly, too. These emotional barriers that come with manual trading can be replaced by logical reasoning with the use of a stock trading software application like the gr8trade.

Another limitation for manual trading is how slowly it can move with the fast paced business that is stock trading. Humans had to keep up with the bots making orders, but how, when these bots are amazingly and extremely faster than the human brain.

Humans can only manage to accurately handle one or two stock trading events a time while an automated trader can do multiple in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

Autotrading is devoid of emotions, which can affect trading. A manual trader can easily be affected by several issues in his life and may not think straight when it comes to trading decisions.

Automating can be a big help to traders since every trading is based on the rules or parameters set in place. Offloading some trading activities to a computer can leave a trader with less mental work to handle. He will then trade more wisely with the use of the trading tools.

In stock trading, 75 percent of one’s capital can cash in on 15 percent at a time. When the 15 percent opportunities knock, a manual trader cannot possible process all the opportunities fast enough. It will be more helpful to have a stock trading software that can handle trades 1000 times one’s manual capacity. That will surely cover a lot of grounds for possible gains.

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