Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DTN Review

An investor who wants to make a splash in the competitive world of stock investing needs to understand the value of information. With information comes better judgment; and with better judgment comes greater profits. So it’s imperative that the financial services practitioner like you should take market data and information seriously. Here is one solution that can prove effective in making important day to day judgments- the DTN IQ Feed & DTN.IQ.

This is a real-time and a streaming quote and a provider of market news that are sourced directly from exchanges. So what does this mean to the average market player like you? This only means that you get the market information straight from the source and it’s fresh; just the right kind of information that you need in order for you to get the advantage over your peers. This stock trading software will give the practitioner the ability to watch and observe how the market moves and behaves in real time. With the roles that can be played by this stock market software, you can act and make decisions just like a professional investor.

So what can be gained from this software that other software cannot deliver? For starters, this investing software will give you a glimpse of the stock and option quotes both in real time or it can be delayed. The information is sourced directly from Nasdaq, NYSE or from other exchanges. When it comes to futures, futures options and futures spread quotes this software is reliable as well. You can either check its real time quotes or delayed quotes sourced from CBOT, CME and NYMEX and a number of exchanges. Need to get European quotes? Then there is nothing to worry since that can be arranged. Real time or delayed quotes are sourced from Eurex and Euronext exchanges.

You will also be provided with a customized watch list; unlimited number of watch list that is updated in real time. This is customizable as well for spreadsheet-like functionality and the DDE linking capabilities. Charting is important when making decisions and the designers of this software made sure that this concern is addressed. With the use of this stock software, you can easily identify trading trends thru the use of the graphical display of tick, interval and the historical data. Other than these major benefits, expect as well that the software will carry time and sales, the tickers, ExpertFolio and the scrolling news. Scrolling news is an important add-on since you will have access to the latest news in the market. News are covered 24/7 and delivered straight to you from the source.

This investing software is a smart buy since the makers of the software will allow you to test the software first, before you can even decide to buy it. You will be given a free copy that you can test-drive for seven days. This kind of offer will ensure that you will not be left holding the empty bag. If the capabilities of the software failed to meet your set criteria, then you can always cancel the purchase.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CQG/NET Review

When choosing products, accuracy and the reliability of the product should be at the top of the criteria. And this mantra applies also in the proper selection of stock market software that you can use in the market. A quality-made and designed investing software should provide you with the necessary tools and at the same time provide you with new ones as well that can help diversify your current trading tool.

When the accuracy and the reliability of the product has been checked and rechecked, then it is imperative that you should check out as well the customer support that you can get from the provider. The software will not last for a long time without problems or glitches. There will come a time when you need help, and you can get it from the stock trading software backed by strong customer support.

The CQG/NET is one company that takes accuracy and reliability to heart and at the same time takes customer support seriously. CQG calls itself as the leader in providing analytics software and trading solutions. And the company adds that its market data delivery and the order routings services are the industry’s fastest, most reliable and best priced. All these things that the company says are backed by data of course. The stock software from CQG will allow you to follow the markets and will let you understand how the markets behave in real time. This is made possible thanks to the CQG’s collection of real-time quotation and charting, news and technical analysis tools. All these information are delivered straight to you via an internet connection, the PC and the CQG/Net service and also the internet version of the software for Windows.

The data that can be provided by the software, both in real time or delayed are sourced direct from all US and non-US stock exchanges. And you don’t have to worry about some false data that may find their way towards your end since the software has the capability to correct real-time data automatically. The option analysis is also included in the basic package of this investing software. From time to time the company also presents enhancements that can make the software more efficient and effective on the trading floor. The latest company enhancements include the CQG TradeFlow charts and studies and the Order Ticker. The CQG News and the Data Factory are newly redesigned.

But why settle for this stock trading software? If you value accuracy and reliability, then rely on the software. When it comes to customer support, CQG ranks high up there as well. Based on the survey that was conducted by the Kimsey Consulting on June 2007, it was found out that CQG was first in terms of after sales support and in invoicing and billing. Relying on this software will ensure that you can get the latest data and at the same time you can get support services every time you need help. Simply put, this software provides you with the platform to make successful trades every time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Button Trader Review

ButtonTrader is considered as one of the most powerful stock investing software applications currently available to stock investors. It serves as a trading platform for traders and investors who are customers of the Interactive Brokers – the global electronic brokerage firm for professional traders, financial experts, stock brokers, and companies that need affordable execution of stocks, forex, and bonds.

There are many immediate advantages for using the Button Trader as a stock marketing software tool for the keen investor.

1. Reliability in quick trade executions

The ButtonTrader features the TradeSentinel, the tool that allows the ButtonTrader to make an automatic monitoring of the order status, confirmation, and Profit and Loss management. Quick trading is a breeze even with a non-seasoned investor because of the very versatile visual interface that readily displays real-time market action. Users can set their trade strategy and quantity to trade with single clicks of the mouse. One of the extra interface features that add some punch is the warning the software sets off when connection gets interrupted.

2. Automated Trading Strategies are aligned with trader’s style

The ButtonTrader stock software incorporates its very unique 5P strategies so that they align with the trader as they both partner into establishing an edge in stock market investing. The ButtonTrader StrategyEditor is flexible and powerful enough to properly manage trading with maximized profits and minimal losses. The ButtonTrader is versatile too, in that it can manage one or several positions at the same time with the same quick pace, and reliability in order submissions.

3. Minimizes risks through capital preservation

Any kind of investment requires one to consciously watch out for his capital with hawk eyes. A trading is successful if the investor has protected his capital throughout his transactions. The ButtonTrader has a stable risk management feature in place so that the trader can also learn to discipline himself. The risk manager allows the trader to set his single trade and daily loss limits. These limits are automatically enforced during the trading so that the trader is provided with a ceiling or a cap that will tell him when to stop.

4. Enhances the innate trading skills of the investor

Not all traders have the innate capabilities in trading. They say some have it already programmed in their genes, so what about those who weren’t born to trade but are keen in investing anyway? The ButtonTrader also helps hone the traders’ skills by exposing him to real time quotes and real data. The ButtonTrader promotes discipline in such a way that it challenges the trader to win consistently but within the parameters of his set limits. If the trader can prevail during the online simulations, he will be able to do so during any actual trading.

5. Allows multiple trading account management

Traders sometimes, manage several accounts at the same time. The ButtonTrader is well equipped to cover this trait. There is a provision for unique user interface to trade several securities in multiple accounts. The ButtonTrader can provide the trader with ease of control of the various positions, the profit and loss statements, the budget, and the risks for every single account. In fact, the Button Trader investing software has gone further in its sophisticated feature of allowing multiple accounts management with one mouse click.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sierra Chart Review

Sierra Chart is a stock trading software that should not be taken for granted because it is one of the best around today. It offers real time and historical charting of the highest quality and creates the most accurate technical analysis needed to survive in the fluctuating financial market.

The software comes with a variety of features and tools which aids traders, beginners or otherwise, to effectively carry on with their business. The program receives real time data feeds from data vendors which are then processed real time by storing intraday charts for a particular symbol once the information is received. Currently, the software supports advanced trading wherein a trader can trade directly from the chart through the use of its ChartDOM. The ChartDOM of the program provides a real-time market display and order entry on the opened charts.

Sierra Chart is undeniably a favorite among stock traders because of its ease of use and functionality. The program has a large set of indicators and drawing tools. It even allows the trader to customize these tools and create his own study of the market. Sierra Chart is compatible with different systems like Excel spreadsheets which has a functionality of other 150 built-in functions and has an Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language which aids the trader to make his own indicator. But for those who have no time to make one, there are many pre-set indicators made by other traders that can be used since these are included in the package.

With Sierra Chart, a trader is given the opportunity to create and customize intraday price charts and historical ones for any type of market, whether it be stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities or indexes. Since Sierra Chart is a charting software, it does its job of helping the trader create his own chart with a breeze. The trader can even customize his bar period to daily, weekly, monthly or to any number of days he may desire. The charts are likewise updated when trading occurs and changes according to the data feed at that given moment.

As with any other type of stock trading software, Sierra Chart has provided for its users the functionality of alerts. Through its effective alert system, a trader can continuously monitor the changes in his charts. Offline analysis can also be done with Sierra Chart. And whether or not the system is connected to the data source, charts and quotes can still be seen by the trader. If the user is disconnected from the server, Sierra Chart has provisions for the program to reconnect automatically to the main server.

Apart from all these functions, Sierra Chart is popular with traders because of its affordable price. It is also very flexible, easy to use and efficient when doing a critical trading analysis. On the overall, Sierra Chart is one stock trading software to try because once you get the hang of it, not only will you have an excellent software but will also save dollars in acquiring one.

AmiBroker Review

The fast and growing stock market business had produced a wide variety of means and ways in dealing with easier ways to monitor the profits. The technology had developed different software that can help profitable traders in their market. The demands of stock trading software are very effective nowadays for traders as the stock trading software can track their gain or losses. They can also control and manage the order submission by the use of stock market software. The stock trading software also helps the trader to create new strategies that will be applicable to the market.

The stock market software introduced the AmiBroker which is uniquely different from other stock market software products. The AmiBroker developed a complete practical way of analyzing the stock market program. It allows you to learn and calculate the result of the outcome of the market. It sets powerful features that will help in importing data.

The basic among the stock trading software that visualizes the result is the Charting. Through the powerful charting of AmiBroker, you can check and view the changes of your stocks in the market. It can be daily or weekly and by month. The charts are designed through line, bars styles that gives the moving averages. It has a built in well-known indicators such as the CCI, NVI, ROC, RCI, Accumulation or Distribution and many more. The charts are easy to manipulate through studying the drawing tools that include different trend lines, text boxes and time zones.

The AmiBroker is known worldwide because of its effectiveness. Countries like Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Southern Africa and other parts of the world have been utilizing this particular stock trading software. This is why the AmiBroker is competent in managing any data exchange that stretches to different continents around the world. The Multiple data feeds, as one of their features, allows the user to read the style and at the same time can be configured. It has a built-in Meta stock database importer that reads automatically all the stocks from your market stock. AmiBroker is convenient when you used it that is why it is commonly used by the most important world exchanges. These include the Australian Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Warsaw Stock exchange. The AniBroker provides Stock and quotes Database that shares unlimited collection of stock and quotes. It becomes storage of quotes, information about the company, the financial results and other information. The stock and quotes database maintains automatically the database. It helps you to control the files from the outside programs that are written Java Script.

Like any other stock market software, the AmiBroker is good for those daily traders because of the advanced features that they developed such as the floating charts and the symbol with interval linking, indicators wherein you ca create through drag and drop features that will show your gains and losses in the market. These features make the profitable traders avail and use the AmiBroker software.

It is important to invest with the right stock trading software to ensure you optimize your investment.