Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DTN Review

An investor who wants to make a splash in the competitive world of stock investing needs to understand the value of information. With information comes better judgment; and with better judgment comes greater profits. So it’s imperative that the financial services practitioner like you should take market data and information seriously. Here is one solution that can prove effective in making important day to day judgments- the DTN IQ Feed & DTN.IQ.

This is a real-time and a streaming quote and a provider of market news that are sourced directly from exchanges. So what does this mean to the average market player like you? This only means that you get the market information straight from the source and it’s fresh; just the right kind of information that you need in order for you to get the advantage over your peers. This stock trading software will give the practitioner the ability to watch and observe how the market moves and behaves in real time. With the roles that can be played by this stock market software, you can act and make decisions just like a professional investor.

So what can be gained from this software that other software cannot deliver? For starters, this investing software will give you a glimpse of the stock and option quotes both in real time or it can be delayed. The information is sourced directly from Nasdaq, NYSE or from other exchanges. When it comes to futures, futures options and futures spread quotes this software is reliable as well. You can either check its real time quotes or delayed quotes sourced from CBOT, CME and NYMEX and a number of exchanges. Need to get European quotes? Then there is nothing to worry since that can be arranged. Real time or delayed quotes are sourced from Eurex and Euronext exchanges.

You will also be provided with a customized watch list; unlimited number of watch list that is updated in real time. This is customizable as well for spreadsheet-like functionality and the DDE linking capabilities. Charting is important when making decisions and the designers of this software made sure that this concern is addressed. With the use of this stock software, you can easily identify trading trends thru the use of the graphical display of tick, interval and the historical data. Other than these major benefits, expect as well that the software will carry time and sales, the tickers, ExpertFolio and the scrolling news. Scrolling news is an important add-on since you will have access to the latest news in the market. News are covered 24/7 and delivered straight to you from the source.

This investing software is a smart buy since the makers of the software will allow you to test the software first, before you can even decide to buy it. You will be given a free copy that you can test-drive for seven days. This kind of offer will ensure that you will not be left holding the empty bag. If the capabilities of the software failed to meet your set criteria, then you can always cancel the purchase.

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