Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ensign Windows Review

Ensign Windows is a stock software used by various levels of stock and commodity traders. The program includes free data feeds from, eSignal, DTN and Interactive brokers. The data from these vendors come in real-time and the charts created by the program are refreshed accordingly.

Ensign Windows has been around since 1981 and with its longevity comes the trust its users give to the reliability of the program. The charting solutions provided by Ensign Windows are not just simple ones that are perfect for beginners but it also comes with more advanced charting solutions important to more experienced traders. The right combination between data feeds and the program will give you your money’s worth as to its price and extreme functionality.

What makes Ensign Windows so popular is its wide range of features. The whole Ensign Windows package features more than 40 indicators and 20 drawing tools, among others. A trader is also given the freedom to customize his choices for a more satisfying trading experience. Just like other stock trading software, Ensign Windows has built-in alerts which a trader can set to inform them when their predetermined level is reached. The program also has a deep history for back testing.

Users of the program brought to attention some of its widely used features that are helpful for the trade, including Aroon Indicator, Automatic Trend Lines and Channels, Accumulation Distribution and the Three-Point Break. Other features which set it apart from other trading software include the Heiken-Ashi Metod, Inverse Fisher Transform, Donchian Channel, High Low Stop, and the Ensign Map Forecast. The indicators found in the program include Price Histogram, Relative Strength Index, and Volume Index, Rate of Change, Simple, Exponential and many more.

Several time frames like Tick, Custom Minute, Custom Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly, are supported by Ensign Windows. A latest addition to its feature is the inclusion of a free forex feed from FXCM which has real time quotes on 56 currencies. Aside from this, it also has an avenue to get the latest news and to do a study based on another study. However, users have been reporting that the refresh of the program is not at all that great because it takes time for it to do so. But you don’t have to worry about this since the program’s developers are continuing their efforts to upgrade and improve the program.

It will also not use much of your computer’s resources and would only require 256MB of RAM for it to run at its optimum. Problems with the software are also easily resolved because there is a separate chat and discussion room which allows users to share their concerns and help each other.

Because of the overall functionality of Ensign Windows, it is not a question why it has earned the eye of many independent traders. It has also earned the top rating from its users because with it perfection is not only a stone’s throw away but a reality. It also gives the trader the best value for his money since the entire package only costs $39.95 per month.

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