Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ninja Trader Review

Business world are highly competitive and it is regularly being assured that there are always new things to be on market. The use of internet and personal computers make a convenient way for investors to check their stocks. There are many kinds of stock trading software products that can help investors in analyzing, managing and research the stocks. Software that specializes in the investment strategy where it can perform analysis for traders and most especially can help you makes money in a convenient way.

Ninja trader is stock trading software that specializes in placing orders, managing positions and strategies. It is an effective and spontaneous top solution for dynamic traders. The Ninja Trader is design to manage some complexities in dealing trading business that uses own strategies. The Ninja trader also can be a good way to learn trading and discover strong points and weaknesses as a broker. Ninja trader is effective stock trading software with the help of the software’s features.

The Ninja Trader Chart is one of its features where it displays the increase and decrease of the value of your market. It helps the investor to understand the importance of the split second decision making because the chart will give information about how close or far you are on your target. The chart will visualize the orders and the positions to the data of standard market. It has bracket orders that automatically evaluate the income target of the stock market. The chart also has Automated Trade Management features (ATM) allows investors to apply some policies and conditions in the trading system. Some advantages of these features are the automated stop loss and profit submission, it has an automatic trailing stops and it is designed to track down your profits. Another feature is the Automatic Breakeven Stop Loss, designed also that allows trader to set a yield condition that will automatically regulate the stop loss profit to manage prices.

Trading is a business that requires time to be able to understand how the trade business runs. But the technologies had developed software like stock trading software that will ensure that you can manage and track down profits and losses of your market. In stock trading software such as Ninja Trader wherein you can also develop and create a strategy that will help you understand better the trade system.

Remember that this stock trading software is developed and authored by season traders also. What they had learned for years are taught and converted into stock trading software. This helps the novice traders to avoid the pitfalls that they encountered during the early stage of their trading business.

It takes years to become a seasoned stock trader however your experience will not guarantee you also to be a success trader. With the help of stock trading software and the trader’s keenness to learn and analyze data with the help of the advance software features, it is easier to conquer the stock trading venture.

Again it is important to stress the benefits of utilizing the stock trading software such as Ninja Trader as it will increase your chance of becoming a successful trader.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NeoTicker Review

NeoTicker is a stock trading software developed by TickQuest, Inc. which is capable of doing highly technical analysis on any financial instrument by scanning stocks and options in real-time.

The built-in formula is easy to understand and easy to use in quoting, creating indicators, trading, and scanning. Like other stock investing software applications, the NeoTicker is dependent of data feeds. The feeds can come from any of the supported brokerages like eSignal, RealTick. QuoteSpeed, QCharts or IQFeed, DTNIQ, MB Trading, EFX, Interactive Brokers, and FXCM.

To maximize the full potential of the NeoTicker, one needs to subscribe to real-time data service from any of the designated data vendors. Here are the recommended service plans that can suit any needs in particular.

All the recommendations herein have been classified into four categories based in the level of service provided: Complete, Advance, Value, and Broker.

Complete Service Plan has the most comprehensive set of features and the most generous amount of symbol limits. This plan is suitable for all trading needs there are. Advance Service Plan has some features like that of the Complete Service but it comes with reduced number of symbol limit. The Value Service Plan is the most economical alternative with decreased number of features and low symbol limits. The last one is a data service that comes with any brokerage account upon sign up. This one has no additional cost on the user.

One of the best features of the NeoTicker is its outstanding pattern matching. Its artificial intelligence-based engine makes allows the system to specify a pattern and the software will scan for these securities based on the specified criteria. The engine is intuitive and will only need to capture a previous instance so it can set the pattern automatically for all scans and searches.

The best thing about the NeoTicker by far, is its affordability. Its reasonable price for its huge potential and great capabilities truly makes it one stock market software to beat. There is an option for the buyer to lease the package or make an outright purchase. TickQuest helps the traders by providing $50 monthly and $480 annual payment plans. The outright purchase price is set at $1300. Looking further, one can surmise that he can actually earn the software investment cost easily with just one good trade. The data feed needed to run NeoTicker however, entails additional cost.

To run thi stock trading software properly, one is required to have at least 512 MB of RAM but a 1GB will definitely be a big enough room to house the system together with other current applications in the person’s computer. A Pentium 4 or Athion system can be used to sufficiently and effectively run NeoTicker.

Like the other investing software packages, the NeoTicker also has a demo version that a doubtful trader can use to give him free access to data analysis. One should already have a data provider account as well as a brokerage account in order to download the demo version.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MyTrack Review

A number of stock software are available in the market, yet only a select few can lay to the claim of being helpful for the professionals in the financial services sector. But there is this one investing software that managed to make an impact in the financial services sector; and that is the stock market software from Track Data.

Track Data is a company well-known in the financial services sector. The designer and the maker of myTrack is based in New York and this company provides real time financial data and market news and research for institutional and individual investors. The services of Track Data are sent to its clients via telecommunication lines and the internet. The myTrack software is designed with the individual investor in mind. This stock market software is fully integrated and an internet-based online trading and a market data system. This product from Track Data is the software that can be installed on the computer and it can be downloaded from the site, or can be installed using the CD.

The software has two facets; but it doesn’t mean that you can use both. You can either use the market data without setting up the online trading account. Doing trades using this software has a price, but the price you have to pay is well-worth it. This software will allow the user to make a choice of where to route his order. The software can give the investor with a continuous supply of live market data and this is made possible courtesy of the application-based and the constant server connection that works just like the systems that are used by the professionals.

The software used by this product is much better compared to the HTML web-based static pages that are offered by the competitors of the software. This means that myTrack will allow you to have a constant connection to the servers. Contrast this with the web-based platforms that may require you to connect and reconnect every time. This investing software allows you a convenient time online and gives you more time to focus on more important decisions at hand. The data that can be supplied by myTrack may come either as free data or paid data.

The free data that is supplied to the users of myTrack include streaming delayed quotes, company news, the charting for technical analysis and the free data supplied by the software include the proprietary library of intra day statistics for the day. The paid data on the other covers streaming real-time quotes and the Nasdaq Level II. The information coming from this product can be received by the investor in a number of ways. The investor can get the information thru PCs, browser phones and thru PDAs like Palm Organizers and Visors. So what do you get if you get this stock market software? The advantages that can be gained from this stock trading software include constant connection, speed, a professional-style trading platform, and a direct access and an intelligent order routing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MultiCharts Review

One versatile stock trading software is called MultiCharts. Those who have had experience with other programs, MultiCharts will remind you of Tradestation. It is not only a charting package but it also has an Easy Language-type editor which allows more experience users to modify existing studies or even create their own. It also features real time functionality, alerts and has an automated trading ground to make everything easier.

Beginners will not have a hard time understanding how the program works because it has a very intuitive interface which can be described as slick and minimalist. Though the program may appear to be simple, it contains everything that a trader needs to do efficient trading including customizable windows, a drawing menu and a wide array of charting tools. The program also allows several symbols to be displayed in a single window allowing the user to view various combinations of symbol and timeframe simultaneously.

As mentioned, experienced traders are given the hand to modify or add studies to set the trading environment. These studies can include slippage, brokerage costs, and others which are important for accurate back testing. However, this feature is not limited only to the more experienced trader since the program comes with an Easy Language editor which will encourage beginners to make their own because of its ease of use.

MultiCharts is an efficient optimization package which enables fast testing of strategies and has an excellent performance viewer. It also automatically creates 3D charts which makes it easy to visualize performance and optimization. One great thing about MultiCharts is that it is compatible with any type of data format making it more convenient and functional.

The alert system and the automated trading option in the program is a very useful feature especially to those short-term traders who are fond of intraday trading. This feature allows the program to be the main market interface and not simply just to test a trader’s market strategies. This program is really designed for traders of various levels of expertise and more experienced ones are recommended to try it somehow.

The pricing plans for the program are very inexpensive compared to other investing software of the same capability. Exorbitant fees are not charged upfront by the developers of MultiCharts. They even offer a 30 day trial period for those wanting to explore and see if this is indeed the software for them. This trial option can be helpful for beginners so that they will have enough time to learn the ins and outs of the software. For those convinced about the functionality of the software, a one-time for life fee is charged and comes with unlimited use. They also have 3 month plans wherein you can choose to stop or continue your use of the MultiChart software. One thing that sets MultiCharts from other software is this: a trader won’t have to buy CDs and deal with the manuals that come with the software since these are readily downloadable from the web once payment is provided.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MetaStock Pro Review

Trading may look simple but in reality this is a complex work that needs to be fully understood. Plunging into trade without the necessary background or the necessary tools is like waging a war without the weapon. That is why in order to be truly successful in the wild world called trading; the person needs to be equipped with the right tools.

Tools that can be used in the stock market may vary, but one tool that can prove helpful is a stock software like the MetaStock Pro. This stock market software is offered by Equis International; a company that is connected to Thomson Reuters. And Thomson Reuters is known for its services and products that address the needs of the professionals who are involved in the financial services, the media and the corporate markets. This only means that this stock market software can be relied upon by professionals involved in stock market trading. So what can this investing software do for the practitioner?

This software can be consulted by the practitioner every time he needs to make a move in the market. This product has the ability to analyze the stocks, the foreign exchange and the options. This product has the capability as well to effectively scan and sort the securities. Want to test some of the possible strategies that can be used on multiple securities? This stock market software can do that role as well.

The software is designed to perform excellent charting skills and has the capability to analyze many data. So what the trader gets is results and more results. If you are the trader then you can get the charts by the hour, every hour. That’s real time analysis that can help the budding trader in you make informed decisions. This is simply the tool that is needed by the trader who uses intra-day data in order to transact in real-time for the whole trading day.

It doesn’t matter if the trader who will use this is new to the business or an experienced one. That’s because this product ensures that no matter what your experience level maybe, this software gives the right kind of data, information and analysis. The good thing about this stock market software doesn’t end with the analysis that it can provide. MetaStock Pro is flexible and user-friendly as well. The trader can either use the software’s built-in trading system, or the trader can create his own. The choice is on the trader alone.

To get the best out of the MetaStock Pro, it is suggested that the trader should pair this stock market software with the data feed. There are two data feeds that are compatible with the software; the QuoteCenter and the eSignal. For better results, the QuoteCenter can be used as this can help deliver the best price and supply quality data. And if the trader will experience problems with this stock trading software, then he can simply opt for the free and quality software support as delivered by professionals in the field.

So if you are in the market and you want to try your hand in stocks, bonds, mutual bonds or foreign exchange, then make sure that you are ready and armed for action. The use of the MetaStock Pro is one step towards that and you can never go wrong with this stock trading software. Why? That’s because this software is one of the best-selling stock market software and the 16-time recipient of the Stocks and Commodities Reader Choice award.