Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NeoTicker Review

NeoTicker is a stock trading software developed by TickQuest, Inc. which is capable of doing highly technical analysis on any financial instrument by scanning stocks and options in real-time.

The built-in formula is easy to understand and easy to use in quoting, creating indicators, trading, and scanning. Like other stock investing software applications, the NeoTicker is dependent of data feeds. The feeds can come from any of the supported brokerages like eSignal, RealTick. QuoteSpeed, QCharts or IQFeed, DTNIQ, MB Trading, EFX, Interactive Brokers, and FXCM.

To maximize the full potential of the NeoTicker, one needs to subscribe to real-time data service from any of the designated data vendors. Here are the recommended service plans that can suit any needs in particular.

All the recommendations herein have been classified into four categories based in the level of service provided: Complete, Advance, Value, and Broker.

Complete Service Plan has the most comprehensive set of features and the most generous amount of symbol limits. This plan is suitable for all trading needs there are. Advance Service Plan has some features like that of the Complete Service but it comes with reduced number of symbol limit. The Value Service Plan is the most economical alternative with decreased number of features and low symbol limits. The last one is a data service that comes with any brokerage account upon sign up. This one has no additional cost on the user.

One of the best features of the NeoTicker is its outstanding pattern matching. Its artificial intelligence-based engine makes allows the system to specify a pattern and the software will scan for these securities based on the specified criteria. The engine is intuitive and will only need to capture a previous instance so it can set the pattern automatically for all scans and searches.

The best thing about the NeoTicker by far, is its affordability. Its reasonable price for its huge potential and great capabilities truly makes it one stock market software to beat. There is an option for the buyer to lease the package or make an outright purchase. TickQuest helps the traders by providing $50 monthly and $480 annual payment plans. The outright purchase price is set at $1300. Looking further, one can surmise that he can actually earn the software investment cost easily with just one good trade. The data feed needed to run NeoTicker however, entails additional cost.

To run thi stock trading software properly, one is required to have at least 512 MB of RAM but a 1GB will definitely be a big enough room to house the system together with other current applications in the person’s computer. A Pentium 4 or Athion system can be used to sufficiently and effectively run NeoTicker.

Like the other investing software packages, the NeoTicker also has a demo version that a doubtful trader can use to give him free access to data analysis. One should already have a data provider account as well as a brokerage account in order to download the demo version.

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