Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MyTrack Review

A number of stock software are available in the market, yet only a select few can lay to the claim of being helpful for the professionals in the financial services sector. But there is this one investing software that managed to make an impact in the financial services sector; and that is the stock market software from Track Data.

Track Data is a company well-known in the financial services sector. The designer and the maker of myTrack is based in New York and this company provides real time financial data and market news and research for institutional and individual investors. The services of Track Data are sent to its clients via telecommunication lines and the internet. The myTrack software is designed with the individual investor in mind. This stock market software is fully integrated and an internet-based online trading and a market data system. This product from Track Data is the software that can be installed on the computer and it can be downloaded from the site, or can be installed using the CD.

The software has two facets; but it doesn’t mean that you can use both. You can either use the market data without setting up the online trading account. Doing trades using this software has a price, but the price you have to pay is well-worth it. This software will allow the user to make a choice of where to route his order. The software can give the investor with a continuous supply of live market data and this is made possible courtesy of the application-based and the constant server connection that works just like the systems that are used by the professionals.

The software used by this product is much better compared to the HTML web-based static pages that are offered by the competitors of the software. This means that myTrack will allow you to have a constant connection to the servers. Contrast this with the web-based platforms that may require you to connect and reconnect every time. This investing software allows you a convenient time online and gives you more time to focus on more important decisions at hand. The data that can be supplied by myTrack may come either as free data or paid data.

The free data that is supplied to the users of myTrack include streaming delayed quotes, company news, the charting for technical analysis and the free data supplied by the software include the proprietary library of intra day statistics for the day. The paid data on the other covers streaming real-time quotes and the Nasdaq Level II. The information coming from this product can be received by the investor in a number of ways. The investor can get the information thru PCs, browser phones and thru PDAs like Palm Organizers and Visors. So what do you get if you get this stock market software? The advantages that can be gained from this stock trading software include constant connection, speed, a professional-style trading platform, and a direct access and an intelligent order routing.

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