Thursday, December 11, 2008

ZeroLine Trader Review

Innovative, reliable and easy to use; that is the how makers and designers of the ZeroLine Trader described their stock market software. This software is described as the front-end for the Interactive Broker’s Trader Workstation. This platform can be used by both the experienced investor and the new one who is just starting in this kind of business. But why is this stock software marketed as innovative, reliable and easy to use?

One important reason is that this will help you do your trades with discipline. This is possible thanks to the function that is available on the software that will let you configure the preferences. You can effectively turn the ‘Enforce Discipline Rules’ and in no time, the software will not send any more orders until you have addressed the stop loss. This stock trading software ensures that you can do your trade with efficiency. And that is made possible thanks to the many features that include the auto stop/target orders, the trailing stop, the ratio/size stop, the break-even or the break even+stop and the automated trading.

Aside from these features, the ZeroLine Trader ensures an easy and a convenient way of doing trades. For example you can initiate a buy or sell with just one click on the mouse. The software also allows you to modify the order by the use of the drag and drop. It is also customizable and can effectively provide you with different trading styles so you can interact well with the market. If the other investing software is too boring and serious, this software allows you more room to customize its looks and feel. You have the ability to customize the colors, the fonts and the table styles used. You can even create and customize the action buttons and the software can also allow you to create and customize your own spread buttons.

This software will also give you the opportunity to simultaneously trade and watch multiple stock markets using just one screen and in just one instance of the application. This stock market software can also accept order instructions from the trader station and then route the order to the interactive broker’s account. The system of automated trading works with the financial advisor.

Another good thing about this stock trading software is that even before you can buy the product, you have the opportunity to test the reliability and the efficiency of the software. That is possible if you download the ZeroLine SimTrader or the ZLST. This simulation software is free and this is fully functional and one of the most realistic trading simulation software that you can find in the market. By playing this simulation software from ZeroLine, you will be familiarized with the many features of the ZeroLine Trader. This can also allow you to tests some trading system and ideas with real time data, without the risk of losing your cash. This stock software is simply one of the more cost-effective stock trading software that is available in the market.


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